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Your job is to be you.

My job is to brand you.


How can I help you grow?


“I want to see how you have scaled your business and I also want to purchase your online courses, ebooks & trainings.”


“I am an ambitious business owner and am working to create my first $100k year. My brand + website really need help!”


“I am an established business owner, supported by a team, and am looking to scale & streamline my brand.”

Hi, I’m Maria Wendt, international brand strategist for entrepreneurs.


In 2009, I started researching the psychology of branding and design. I came to understand that the strongest brands aren't the ones that “just look pretty” but are built on a strong foundation of market research & client psychology. I later started this company to help create brands that truly speak to your ideal clients - and keep them coming back for more.

Since then, I’ve:

  • Helped launch 51 (& counting!) six- and seven-figure brands
  • Won several different branding & design psychology awards.
  • Read over 300 books on branding, marketing & psychology. 
  • Traveled the world, surfed every weekend last summer, planned a wedding and placed 5th in a bikini competition #freedomlifestyle

… and more. My goal is to help entrepreneurs like myself become top influencers, attract more soulmate clients, make more money, build their freedom, and create wealth faster.


MORE MONEY & FREEDOM: 3 SIMPLE STEPS (We'll do these together).


1. Set an intention.

Acknowledge that an intentional, cohesive brand will help you attract the clients you want to work with.


2. Get crystal clear.

Get very clear on how you want to be perceived, who you want to work with and what you want to say to them.


3. Become an influencer.

Work with me to create a strong brand identity that positions you as an influencer and an expert.

I take a different approach than
most brand experts.

I give 95% of my stuff
away for free. 

Unlike most designers who focus on volume, I’m busy living what I preach and can only personally help four people every eight weeks. If you’re not ready for that, I offer lots of free materials to help you get started building your influencer brand.

I focus on the big picture. 

My philosophy is all about getting you across the “finish line” as easily as possible. At the end of the day, I know you want a brand that will take your entire business to the next level. I eliminate shiny objects and create a complete brand identity that truly reflects who you are, so you enjoy the benefits faster.

I'm actually qualified
to do this stuff.

Unlike most designers who are self-taught, I've studied from the best of the best. I have a bachelors in Design & Communication. I also am a certified Brand Strategist. I know what works… and what doesn’t work. That means I understand your WHY, not just your WHAT.

(I am currently looking to fill my last spot.)

“Maria knows her shit. We've been good friends for a long while now and, time and time again, I've watched her take scattered, disorganized pieces of a puzzle and put them together into a beautiful brand identity. 

If you are an up-and-coming influencer, I highly recommend working with Maria to create the strong visual brand identity you need.”

- Sabrina Phillips, 7-figure entrepreneur  & influencer


Crucial brand strategy.

I know that I don't need to tell you that it's all about how you position yourself. Together, we will map out a brand strategy game-plan that will finally give you the clarity and direction you've been craving.

All the brand visuals.

If you are spending more than ten minutes on your logo, landing page, website or any other visual elements, you are doing it wrong. You should be focusing on the things that only you can do. Let me do the rest for you.

Streamlining & scaling.

Chances are, you have at least one or two team members. Do they truly see your vision for your business? Do they have a clear grasp on where you want to go? Your brand needs to be streamlined so it can scale, giving you more freedom.

(I am currently looking to fill my last spot.)

“Could not be happier with the way Maria and her team developed my brand. For years, I made the mistake of thinking that I didn't need a brand. I couldn't have been more wrong. My brand is streamlined and my team (and my audience) can finally see the vision I have always had for my business.

Her knowledge, kindness and expertise was incredibly refreshing. You can be sure she overdelivers and truly cares for her clients. I almost want to start another business just to work with her again, is that bad?”

Mikael Dia, 7-figure entrepreneur & coach



I help six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs scale their business by creating a cohesive, consistent brand identity, based on market research and conversion psychology, that lets them speak directly to their soulmate clients, create wealth faster, and build a freedom lifestyle.

You can get started in just three easy steps:


1. Learn more about my process. By clicking the button below, you will be taken to a page that describes my branding process, a detailed list of what's included and what to expect, along with what I expect from my clients. Your first step is to click the button below and learn more about how I will serve you.

2. Decide that you are ready to do this. Branding is not a small investment and it's not something you should "cheap out on". I only work with clients who are committed and ready to take their entire business to the next level (or next five levels) by creating a strong brand from the ground up.

3. Apply to work with me. Over the years, I've found that we all win when I hand-pick my clients. That way, we both get to work with the best of the best. I currently work with 4 clients every 8 weeks.

(I am currently looking to fill my last spot.)

Ready to build an influencer brand?

It's time to finally have a brand you love.