3 Questions to Ask Your Brand Designer (Before You Hire Her)


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Hi there, and welcome to another video with Maria Wendt. I'm a brand designer, educator, and influencer for female entrepreneurs, and today we're gonna be talking about the three questions that you have to ask your designer before you hire her.

So these are the three things that you want to get clear on before you make a hiring decision with any brand designer.

So the first thing that you're gonna wanna look at are her credentials, and typically we don't need to be certified, I would say for a lot of things, but when it comes to your brand, you don't want to risk that, you don't want to risk investing in someone who doesn't know what they're doing and a lot of designers are self taught, and what that means is that yeah, they do know how to use Photoshop, they do know how to use Illustrator, they can make a logo, but do they understand the psychology, the marketing, the sales, I guess sales psychology, the research that goes into actually building a brand.

1. You know there's a huge difference between a pretty logo and a brand that actually makes you money. Hire someone who gets that.

If you're going to go through all of the work of investing in a brand designer, and hiring her and then building your brand and doing all that, you're gonna wanna make sure that this person is actually qualified to do that.

So look at things like, did she go to college for this? Is she a certified brand designer? That's gonna be a big one. What's her experience like? Has she worked with brands before starting her business? Really just kinda getting a feel for how qualified your designer is. That's gonna be the first thing that you're gonna wanna take a look at because by getting a better understanding of what her experience is and how she's qualified, you're gonna make sure that your designer isn't someone that just knows how to do Photoshop. You want someone that really understands human behavior and how they make decisions and can help you create a brand that nudges your ideal clients towards working with you, because that's what you want, you wanna brand that attracts your ideal clients so they're ready to pay in full. That's the dream, and so that's what you wanna look for when choosing a brand designer.

2. Ask her what her policy is on market research.

Before you open up a sketch book, before you turn on the computer, before you load up the Adobe Suite, you've got to do market research and get a clear understanding of your ideal client.

And so ideally, the person that you work with is helping you talk to your potential clients. It's helping you understand your ideal client. She's helping you do market research on your industry and kinda figuring out what people in your industry tend to expect. And so in my opinion, market research is the most important thing that you need to do before you guys even begin designing a brand, you've got to do market research, and a lot of times, brands that flop, so the brands that don't work are the brands that fail to perform are the ones that didn't start the whole process out with market research.

Most designers, we're creative, so we're anxious to get started, but you've got to do that research, lay that foundation, and then you guys can start designing, then you can start doing all of the fun, creative, visual stuff, but you've got to do the market research first, so you're not just stabbing at the dark.

3. Make sure that you have a designer that is experienced enough to open the door of communication.

You need to feel very, very comfortable with your designer, you need to feel like you can communicate with her, it needs to be a two way street. I've seen a lot of design projects go sideways because either the designer or the client did not feel like she could communicate with the designer, and that's a big problem, especially when you're designing a brand, right? I've been doing this for so many years at this point. I have such thick skin that I actually need to hear your constructive criticism, or your constructive feedback so that we can make sure that you end up with a brand that you love, but if you're feeling like you have to walk around eggshells with your designer, or you can't speak up and tell your opinion on something, that's a problem, because at the end of the day that's gonna ... what that means is that you're gonna end up with a brand that you don't love.

And so the third thing that you need to get a feel for before you make a hiring decision is what's your policy on communication? What does that look like? How do you foster that? Really get clear on that, and even while you're talking to her, you should really end up working with a designer that you feel comfortable with, you feel like you can communicate with her, because, you know, at some point she's gonna design something that needs to be tweaked. That's just the nature of design, and you need to feel like you can comfortably suggest any revisions that need to happen so that you can end up with a brand that you love, that you promote that really does take you to that next level where you wanna be at.

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