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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the very first YouTube video with Maria Wendt. For those of you that don't know anything about me, I am a brand strategist, I am a brand designer, and I specifically work with female entrepreneurs. Now, I've been in business for five years total, three of those were part time. And I'm celebrating my second year anniversary of being in business full-time in September of 2018, so it's coming right up.

Today I'm going to be talking to you about how to brand yourself as a coach, and this is really important in our industry because there's a lot of coaches.

And a lot often are very good at whatever they're coaching, they're very good at their skills, but they don't know how to brand themselves. They do not know where to even start. So today I'm going to be walking you through and I'm giving you my three secrets to branding yourself as a coach so that you can stand out, you can attract more clients, more clients that you love, by the way, dream clients, and really just take the difficulty out of branding, take the stress out of branding so that you can focus on doing what you're good at and what you love.

Let's go ahead and get started. I'm excited, my first YouTube video ever. Most of you guys who are watching this probably know me through Facebook, I do Facebook livestreams all the time. But if this is the first video of mine that you've ever seen, is it the first time you've ever met me or watched anything that I've done, hello and welcome to my YouTube channel. Okay, let's just go ahead and get started here. I have three things that I want to share, three secrets that I think will really make a big difference as you brand yourself as a coach. I'm going to run through them, I have them on my notebook here. Super chill, super casual. Yeah, let's go ahead and get started here, hopefully my audio and everything works because I'm filming this on a tripod.

The first thing I think is really important, as a coach, is to realize that you have to work pretty hard to stand out, especially with where the industry is now.

You have to work hard to stand out. It's a saturated industry, there's a lot of coaches teaching a lot of similar things. And so the first thing that you have to know, and recognize and acknowledge, is that you're going to have to work to stand out, and that's where branding comes in, that's okay. But I think that a lot of times we can be tempted to just sort of be so overwhelmed about branding that we write it off completely instead of realizing that we are going to have to work. We are going to have to work to brand ourselves, we are going to have to work to stand out, but if we can do that, we're going to have such a competitive edge. So that's the first thing that I always like to share with anyone who's talking about this topic, is that as a coach you have to realize that you're going to have to work hard to stand out.

So figure out what makes you different, what's your unique edge, what's your unique story, Because all of us have a unique story and all of us have a unique advantage, but it's up to you to figure out what your unique story is, what your unique advantage is, and bring that front and center. Make you the focal point of your brand. So you should be the focus of your brand, not your business. It's a mindset shift that needs to happen, but you are the focus of your brand. Say your name is Kelly Shaffer, for example. Kelly, you have to be the focal point of your brand, not your health coach business, not your mindset strategy business. You are the focal point of your brand because you have a unique voice, you have a unique story, and that's going to give you a competitive edge.

If you bring yourself to the front and center of your brand and you are the focal point, you're the feature, people are going to relate to you, they're going to connect with you and you're going to stand out. It takes an authentic voice, right? You can't try to be like everyone else, you have to be yourself, but if you can do that and bring who you are front and center that is going to make a really big difference in your business, in terms of standing out, building your personal brand, and really having that competitive edge that is so important in this saturated industry as a coach.

The second secret I want to share with you guys is that you absolutely need to specialize and niche down.

So if you are selling a specific, specialized niche or like a skill, whether it's ... Instead of being a social media coach, for example, be an Instagram growth strategist. You're going to make way more money and you're going to stand out. Again, that's that competitive edge. You're going to stand out, you're going to make a lot more money and people are going to want to hire you.

I always use the example ... I never know what the specialty is, but for example, if you have something wrong with your heart and your heart needs to be operated on, you would want to work with the person that specializes in ... I think it's like cardiology, because they're specialists in that specific area of your body. Rather than the general surgeon who can do anything, you want to work with someone who ... I always butcher this analogy, but you want to work with a specialist because they're the person you trust to get the job done. They're the person you trust, you trust their expertise, you trust their experience.

The second thing that you need to do is niche down. So if you don't have a niche, you absolutely need to get one. It's not enough just to be a health coach, you need to be a health coach for, for example, female entrepreneurs or a health coach for new moms looking to lose weight. Whatever niche you choose that's fine, but you absolutely need to niche down. You absolutely need to get clear and specific on who you want to work with, because if you're working with everybody you're working with no one, and that's just the reality of it.

For me, I am a brand strategist and brand designer for female entrepreneurs. That's a pretty specific niche. So I only work with females, I only work with entrepreneurs. And my business has absolutely grown because of that, because I've been able to speak directly to my target market. I really understand your pain points, I really understand what you need to do to be successful and to grow a popular brand. So for me, specializing and niching down has really helped my business grow.

Finally, the third thing that you need to do is show your clients how you're going to get them from their current reality to their desired reality.

I learned this from a mentor of mine a couple of years ago, and he basically told me ... He said, "Maria, what you have to do is understand that your potential clients, your dream clients, they have a current reality."

So again, using the example of a health coach who specializes in working with moms who want to lose baby weight. That's a pretty specific niche, right? Pretty specific specialty, a health coach who wants to help new moms lose the baby weight. Very specific, that's a great specialty, that's a great niche. That particular health coach, her particular clients, their current reality is that they're overweight, they don't have a lot of energy, and they don't really feel good about themselves, they don't have a lot of confidence, they're dealing with their changing body, they're dealing with the fact that they just had a baby. That's their current reality. Their desired reality is to get their body back, to feel more sexy, feel more confident, to have more energy, to get toned, to just feel better about themselves, to feel like they're healthy. That's their desired reality.

Now your job, as a coach, is to show how you're going to get your potential clients from their current reality to their desired reality. And so as you build your brand that's the ... That made the biggest change for me in my own business, is demonstrating how I'm going to get my clients from their current reality to their desired reality. And if you can do that, you absolutely are going to see your business hit the next level because your niched down clients, your potential clients, really feel like you're speaking to their pain points and they really feel like you're a person who understands exactly what they need and you have the solution to their problems.

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