How To Get Some Fast Cash In Your Business (Like A Boss)


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I’m teaching you how to get some quick cash in your business like a boss.

So the question that we're answering today is how can I get some quick cash in my business? And you'd be surprised by how many people need this and how many people talk about this.

When you're starting a business, there's a lot of investments you need to make, and cashflow really can be an issue, so I'm going to share a couple of things that I did when I was first starting my business five years ago to make some quick money.

Now, before I start, though, what I wanted you to know is that these ways to get quick cash aren't always a good long-term strategy for your brand.

These are things you want to do intentionally and rarely because they are going to ... some of them might hurt your brand in the short term, and you don't want that, so this is not a good long term strategy, this is a way to just get some cashflow in your business.

So just know that the things I'm sharing aren't a good long term strategy for your business, these are quick fix solutions.

Step One: Post a low-priced offer to Facebook groups.

So the first thing that I did a long time ago, and I started my business about five years ago, I wanted to hire a business coach. I wasn't making any money at the time, I was just getting started, but I really knew I needed to invest in someone in order to get more clients.

So what I did was I posted a really cheap offer to a couple of Facebook groups, and I made like $1800 in a night. It was like that because I was offering, I want to say logos for like $200 maybe, it was really cheap, and I got a lot of people picking me up on that. It was a lot of work.

Again, it wasn't a good long term strategy, but I did make enough money to put the down payment on working with this coach, and then working with her, I got more clients and I made my money back. So it was a fantastic way for me to work with someone who could help me get more clients.

The first way is to post cheap offers into a Facebook group. Not a good strategy long term, good for a one time thing.

Step Two: Freelance on Upwork (or other places).

The second thing that I did when I was first getting started, this was a long time ago, like 2011, 2012, was I freelanced on what is now called Upwork, but at the time, it was called Odesk, and it's a freelance networking site where you're not getting paid a ton of money, but you are getting paid some cash, and it's a way for you to kind of supplement what you are or aren't making yet in your actual real business.

So doing some freelancing on what would be now Upwork would be a good way to get some cash in your business right now while still protecting your overall brand in your real business.

So if you're a marketer for example or you're a social media strategist, and you aren't really getting clients in your actual business yet or you aren't getting a lot, you can supplement your income on Upwork, and it's a great way to get some cash in your business.

Step Three: Look into a Paypal Working Capital loan.

The third thing that you can do is something that I did when I needed to make a high level investment. I actually got a loan through PayPal working capital.

If you really want to invest in something to get you to the next level, I recommend that you look into that. It's a really good way to get some cashflow coming in, and they don't run a credit score check, it's based on your PayPal history, so there's not really interest either, so it's just a really good way to get cashflow in, and then you pay them back a percentage of the sales that come in.

So as you make money, you pay them back. So it's just a really good way for businesses to get a cashflow in. And a lot of my clients do that when they want to work with me because they know that working with me is going to take their business to the next level. They're going to get clients, they're going to grow their business. It's a really good strategy. And as they make more money, they pay their loan back.

So look into PayPal working capital if you're interested in working with me or you want to make more money online to get some quick cash, that's a good solution to look at.

So if you have questions about any of this, drop them in the comments below.