Struggling to Stay Consistent In Your Business? Here's How To Fix That


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I’m teaching you how to be more consistent in your business.

So if you find yourself not being very consistent, you're struggling to just find a routine and get it into your business, this is what's gonna help you.

Step One: Break down your bigger goals into monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals.

First thing that you need to do is break down your bigger goals and kind of break them up into monthly goals, weekly goals, daily goals. Because if you have a very clear vision of what it is you need to do, you're gonna be more likely to accomplish them.

It's also very important that you actually write these goals down, pen to paper, because statistically speaking the people that actually write their goals down, I think it's like out of hundred people that have goals, 95% of them won't write it down and they also won't those goals happen but the 5% of people who will write their goals down will also achieve them, something like that.

Basically, write your goals down, pen to paper.

Step Two: Identify your productivity leak.

Second thing you need to do is identify your productivity leak. So do you get distracted in Facebook groups? Are you constantly texting your sister? Whatever it might be that's taking away your productivity throughout the day, cut it out.

For me it was not waking up at a specific time. Actually set the intention for the whole day. So I would find myself on Snapchat or in Facebook, I wasn't being focused.

So for me my productivity leak was not waking up early enough to set the intention for my day. So identify your productivity leaks and fix them.

Step Three: Find an accountability partner.

Third thing you need to do is find an accountability partner. Have someone who's willing to push you and will hold you accountable to the goals that you've set.

So if you've written down your big goals, you've broken them down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks and you have told that to your accountability partner, make sure she's actually gonna hold you to it and help you get shit done.

Step Four: Keep the long term vision in mind.

Fourth thing you need to do is keep the long term vision in mind. In the day to day it can be hard to remember why we're working so hard or why we're staying so focused or why we're getting all this stuff done, but you've got to keep that long term vision in mind.

What are you working towards? Why are you doing this and why do you need to stay focused?

So guys, hopefully that helped you. If you have further questions drop them in the comments below.