The Ultimate Guide to Revealing Where Your Dream Clients Customers Are Hanging Out


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I’m teaching you how to figure out where your ideal clients are.

Let's go ahead and get started with today's video. Basically, today what I'm asking is how can you figure out where your ideal clients are spending your time.

The people you want to work with, where are they online? Where are they spending their time?

It's a really common question, your not alone, and I'm going to give you the answer. It's really simple, and it's going to be so obvious as soon as I say it.

Step One: Ask where they spend their time.

The simple answer to this, it's just to ask them. Sometimes we over complicate things, and we make it seem harder than it is, but really figuring out where your ideal clients are is as simple as asking them, and you can this in a couple of different ways.

The first is talk to your past, present and potential clients. Ask them where they spend their time.

Are you guys mostly on Instagram these days? Do you feel like you're on YouTube a lot more? Just ask them where their hanging out in a very conversational way, and they'll you.

Write it down and take notes. Because where your clients are spending their time is where you should be.

Step Two: Build it into your business process.

Second thing that you need to do is build it into your business process. Build it into the systems that you have set up.

If you have a Facebook Group, ask it as one of your Facebook Group questions. If you have Instagram, run a poll on Instagram. If you have people book call with you, build it into the little form that they fill out.

It's again ... We over complicate this, but if you build it into the systems of your business, you're going to find that you get a lot more answers because you have those systems set in place.

Step Three: Focus on one or two platforms.

Finally, what you need to do is don't feel the need to be everywhere at once. You're going to hear your clients say yeah, you know I'm on Instagram, I'm on Facebook, I'm on LinkedIn, I'm kind of everywhere.

Just figure out where the majority is, so if a lot of people are saying Instagram, that's where you need to focus on. I think online as entrepreneurs, we can feel a lot of pressure to be everywhere at once, but you shouldn't.

Focus on one or two platforms and just do a really good job with that.

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