The Woman Entrepreneur's Guide to Setting Monthly Income Goals


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I’m sharing with you four ways how to set monthly income goals in your business.

If you want to make a monthly income goal here's what you need to do.

Step One: Get clear on what you want to achieve monthly.

First thing you need to do is get clear on what you want to achieve monthly, right?

So if you want to make 10K or you want to hit that five figure monthly income goal, for example, write that down, and then we have to reverse engineer from there. So, if you're like, "Okay, my monthly income goal is 10K," that's your starting point, right? That's the end result, but it is the starting point.

Then you have to say, "Okay, well I currently charge $2500 for my coaching program, so that would mean I have to sell four coaching programs. So I need to get four coaching clients." And you've gotta write that all down and map it out.

Or, if you sell a product, and let's say you want to make 10K and you charge 1K for a program, well, you need to get 10 clients. Or you charge $500, then you need to get 20 clients.

Basically, map it all out so you have a clear idea of the amount of clients and customers you need to get per month.

Step Two: Write your goals down.

Second thing you need to do is write it down. It's not enough to mentally think about it in your mind. Write it down clearly and then put it everywhere.

Put it on your mirror, put it on your desk, put it everywhere, so that you can see that and be reminded of that throughout the day, throughout the week, throughout the month, so you know what you're working towards.

Step Three: Visualize your goals.

Third thing that you need to do is you need to visualize it. How's it going to feel to make that 10K?

Really, what are you gonna do with the money? How are you gonna spend it? Get really clear in your mind how you're actually going to feel and think and act and things you're gonna do when you hit that income goal, because most of us know that when we visualize something, it's actually much more likely to be achieved.

So take that time to really visualize your monthly income goal and think about how that's going to make you feel, and act as if it's already happened.

Step Four: Make setting your goals a fun ritual.

Fourth what you need to do is every month as you're setting your monthly income goals, make it a fun ritual that you enjoy.

I love the end of the month as I sit down and map out my plan for the next month. I love it because it gets me excited and I have a little fun ritual. I play some music, I diffuse some essential oils, I just ... it's a time for me and my business goals and I've created a ritual that I really enjoy.

And that, you know, making those goals consistent and just sort of bringing a positive energy around it that just feels really good.

If you guys have any questions about setting monthly income goals, drop them in the comments below..