3 Super-Easy Steps to Book More Sales Calls With Instagram Polls

One of my favorite ways to book more discovery calls is through Instagram polls.

I love this because it is so easy for my clients to connect with me; they just have to click a button and I do everything else for them.

I usually book around 5 calls a week from IG (and I don’t have a large audience at all) so this can be a really decent little strategy if you use it consistently.

In this post, I will walk you through how to get more calls through Instagram.

You ready? Let’s dive in!

Step One: Create an Instagram Story

Make an Instagram story or two about the results you have gotten for your other clients. This is creating desire and social proof. It shows you are an expert and you can deliver really good results.

(Don’t have clients yet? Talk about some of the benefits that you can deliver.)

Let me show you an example:


So, as you can see here, I am speaking about some of the results my clients have had! (You can read their full success stories here.)

Step Two: Offer a free call as a poll.

This is great because this allows people to inquire and learn more without having to do much work.

Your prospective clients are really busy; the easier you make it for them, the more likely they are to reach out.

Here is an example of one I did:


I like to make one poll option be something like a “DEFINITE YES!” and a “MAYBE NOT SURE”, that way my audience members can choose which option is the best fit for them.

Step Three: Follow up with everyone who votes.

Depending on your audience size, you will immediately start having people vote on your poll.

After about an hour, I had 4-5 people mark that they were interested.


I sent them a message telling them a little bit more about my free strategy sessions and how they could get a clear gameplan to get more clients.

Once they indicated they wanted their own session, I sent them a link to my calendar and boom! Sales call booked!

See how simple that is?

Now, the secret to success is to implement! Pull up your calendar (RIGHT NOW BABY!) and mark off a time that you will implement this (and stick to it)

How many calls would you like to book per week with Instagram? Let me know in the comments below!

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