Case Study: How I Helped Marli Get 7 New Clients in Less than 48 Hours 

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Meet Marli.

One day, Marli decided to launch a new online business — and she didn’t want to spend 2+ years figuring it out all by herself.

Most importantly, she was willing to invest in herself to fast-track her success.


Marli wanted to make money in her business right away.

She had a clear vision for her life and she knew she wanted to become a successful business owner as soon as possible.

I knew I could help her get more clients quickly, so we decided to work together.


Our first step was to clarify
her message so she could
attract her ideal clients.

A lack of clarity in your business will cost you a great deal.

We clearly communicated Marli’s immense value to her potential clients so that they knew exactly why they needed to work with her.


Next, we created a jaw-dropping visual brand that “translated her soul into a work of art.”

Marli’s words, not mine. ^^

We knew a professional online brand would accelerate her growth because her dream clients would perceive her as the expert she truly was.

A professional brand will help you make more money online.


Finally, we built her a highly-converting, money-making website.

A good website will help turn cold visitors into warm leads.

This website now plays a crucial role in Marli’s online business.


The result? Marli’s new launch was an immediate success
& she signed on 7 new clients
in the first 48 hours!

Not only that, but she know has all the tools she needs to continue to run her successful online business.

Congrats, Marli! Thank you for letting me a play a small part in your story!

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