Starting on September 1st, I am opening up 6 more coaching spots to help you get more clients, STAT.

(Last time I opened this up, I sold all 5 spots within 48 hours.)



I want to help you create a PREDICTABLE, ORGANIC system to get as many clients as you choose!!⁣

Here’s what you get:⁣

✅ Most importantly, A CUSTOMIZED GAMEPLAN for YOU to get clients. You are unique so your gameplan will be customized to your business, schedule, and strengths.⁣

✅ daily tasks so you know EXACTLY what to do every single day in order to get more clients⁣

✅ weekly strategy & training sessions with me to make sure you stay on track⁣⁣

✅ support via Asana or Slack during the week⁣

✅ weekly workbooks to help you assess your progress⁣

✅ 100% satisfaction guaranteed! ⁣

Yes, you read that right: 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! ⁣

If you show up, do the work, implement everything I teach and don’t see the results, I will give you a full refund. ⁣

Woah, right?? ^^ 😱⁣


Just 6 spots left!

(Not a sales tactic, once those 6 spots are filled, I will close this launch.)⁣


Case Study: How Daphna Broke Through Scarcity Mindset & Attracted 2 Pay-in-Full Clients in 1 Day


Case Study: How Sunaina Closed $8k in Sales (and Made $3k in Cash) within 30 Days of Working With Me


Case Study: How Karine Made $13k in 3 Weeks (& Completely Sold Out Her Group Program)


Thinking about working with me? Send me a message to get the deets!

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