Becoming a successful business owner will change your life, forever.

A consistent stream of clients will allow you to leave your 9-5, travel wherever you want and focus on doing what you love.


I remember what it was like to wonder where my next client was coming from.

It’s so stressful, isn’t it? Hustling really hard for little to no clients takes the fun out of running your business.



Never having to worry about where your next client is coming from.

Never having to operate your business from a place of fear, desperation or lack mindset.

Never being stressed out about paying bills again, because you know exactly who you're working with, every single month.

Having all the tools you need to fill your client pipeline, month after month.

Getting to focus on the things you love doing (while making more money than ever before).

Now, let me ask you:

 "How would your business transform if you became booked solid?"

What would change for the better? Would you take that vacation? Pay off that credit card?

Really imagine how amazing your life would be if all these amazing things were all possible. 

(and then know that it has already happened to my previous students who've taken this exact program).

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Get Booked Solid investment: $297

(or 3 payments of $111)


Now, I have one last question: 

"How committed are you to making this happen?"

If you want to learn how to get more clients than you can handle, Get Booked Solid is the perfect fit for you!

This is a pre-recorded 4-week program that will show EXACTLY what you need to do to work with your dream clients, make more money and get more visible.

Get Booked Solid investment: $297

(or 3 payments of $111)


Will this program really help me? Ask these ladies...

Below are some amazing testimonials & results from my previous students...


Get Booked Solid investment: $297

(or 3 payments of $111)


What will you teach me, Maria? Great question!

Here's how we will get you to be booked solid....



Getting some momentum & visibility. . . finally

Foolproof Social Media Strategy

➡️ How I made over $100k with Facebook groups
➡️ 2 social media strategies to consistently generate leads
➡️ How to go live on Facebook (the right way)


Getting your dream clients excited to give you money

Absolutely Mastering Sales

➡️ How discovery calls should actually go
➡️ How to close the sale and get them to commit
➡️ Access to my feel-good discovery calls scripts



Getting rid of your nasty self-sabotaging money blocks

Real Money Mindset

➡️ How I went from charging $750 to $7.5k for the same branding package
➡️ 3 things you can do today to identify and remove your money blocks
➡️ Why making a lot of money is actually easy


Getting booked solid with dream clients in 2018

Taking Action & Staying Committed

➡️ How to hit your income goals, every single month
➡️ 3 things I’ve done to get booked solid since July 2016
➡️ Saturated industry? Why that doesn’t freaking matter

What will I receive in this program?

Here's what you will receive access to:

✅ 4 previously-recorded video trainings
✅ 4 previously-recorded Q&A Group Coaching Calls
✅ Private Facebook group to mastermind & ask for my support + feedback
✅ 4 super-targeted workbooks + homework
✅ Access to all of the scripts and ebooks that have helped me grow my business
✅ Access to a community of 50+ successful entrepreneurs (program alumni) you can network with


Need more proof that this program actually works?

more amazing results from my previous students:


Get Booked Solid investment: $297

(or 3 payments of $111)