Case Study: How Abeer Went From Crickets to Clients (& Built Her System to Get More Clients)


Meet Abeer

“Maria, working with you has been a game-changer!”

The Client: Abeer is a published author, academic and Tedx speaker. She is a public speaking & communication consultant.

The Problem: Abeer was really struggling to get clients online. She typically did not get any interaction on her content — she would post to groups and see no engagement whatsoever.

The Solution: Together, we worked to build her a system to get more clients — one that actually worked for her! (It’s important to LOVE the way you get clients!)

The Results: We quite literally took Abeer’s business to the next level. She now is booking clients AND getting tons of engagement on all her posts. A massive difference. (Read what she says about me below!)

The Screenshots

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 4.37.50 PM.png

Currently getting crickets when you post stuff?

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