Case Study: How Laura Massively Upleveled Her Business (& Was Paid $$$ to Travel + Teach)


Meet Laura

“Maria, my business is EXPLODING. I’m so excited right now I’m afraid I might pass out!!”

The Client: Laura, a motivational speaker & self-care coach. (Maria’s notes: Laura is definitely someone you need to meet!)

The Problem: Laura needed to grow her business, asap. She was done playing small. She knew she was an amazing coach and could really help people — but she had no idea how to market herself to get clients.

The Solution: Laura enrolled in my program and worked with me to grow her business & get more clients, asap.

The Results: Simply put her business blew up. I will never forget the morning she shared that her business was blowing up and she was almost going to pass out from excitement. Good times!

The Screenshots


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