Wanna know a secret? You and I have something in common.


What is it?

Well, we both hate writing content for our websites. 

And, if you're anything like me, you'll do anything you can to avoid it.

You put it to the back burner and hope it just goes away. 

But, let me tell you, it doesn't. 

And, one day, you are going to find yourself rushing to write enough copy for an entire website in one hour, which is not fun at all. 

Writing copy is consistently one of the biggest challenges my clients face. 

At some point, you just have to roll up your sleeves and write the damn thing. 

But what if there was a guide to help make this whole process less overwhelming?? Hint: there is.

I created this guide over 3 years ago (exclusively for my clients) and it has single-handedly saved them countless hours and headaches. 

It helps take away all the pain of writing copy. 

Personally, I choose to write my own copy because I like to talk to you in my own voice (hi, by the way!). 

I like you to feel like we are having a conversation together. 

Now, after 3 years and countless requests, I am making it available to everyone!

It's a step-by-step, page-by-page guide to easily writing copy that:

1. Helps show you how to write copy that converts your website  visitors into loyal followers

2. Walks you through writing for each page of your website in a logical, guided manner

3. Best of all, it makes it easy for you to actually WRITE (stop feeling overwhelmed!!)


Download now: $27

These are just a few of the women who love this guide...
Most of the praise for this particular guide is verbal (from my branding clients).


Download now: $27