Hey, go-getter gal.

We see how hard you hustle. We see you leading your team.

we see the sleepless nights, the end-of-month grind, the down-to-the-wire work. we get it.

We know what that feels like. We also know what it feels to get crickets when you post,

just *barely* miss a big rank advancement,

and wonder if it’s all worth it.


Well, dear hustler, what if there was a better way? 

Imagine this…

✨ What if your new team members and customers came to YOU?

✨ What if your income wasn’t dependent upon you messaging 500 people a day?

✨ What if I told you you could be 100% yourself and scale the ranks in your company?

✨ What if I told you sales could feel good, and you never have to feel like a used car saleswoman again?

✨ What if I told you you never even have to publicly mention the name of your company and you can still see sales roll in?

✨ What if I told you your MLM company can seamlessly fit in with your existing brand without alienating your audience?


There is a better, easier, (and highly profitable!) way to skyrocket your sales with your company. 

& we have decided to share our secrets.


This first thing you need to know is that we are not trying to recruit you into our companies. 

In fact, we are actually with two different companies, so don't worry about that at all. No secret agenda here ;)

This 4-week program is designed to teach you everything you need to know about growing your MLM business...

...in a way that actually feels good. 

While it's nice to have a strong upline to go to when you have questions, I know that I don't need to tell you that ultimately, the growth of your team is up to you.

And that thought is actually really empowering because that means you get to decide how fast you want to skyrocket your biz. 

And we are here to help make that happen, girl!

We will be covering everything from how to target the right audience to how to have authentic + value-driven conversations that convert. 

Keep scrolling to see the full program outline (we're literally giving it all away in this program!).


We know we don’t need to tell you that the way most people market their MLM business is not ideal.


We see these common mistakes all the time:

  • copy + pasted sales messages (yikes!)

  • social media feeds looking like billboards

  • leads being added to random FB groups

  • major product information overload

  • complete lack of personal branding

  • lack of upline support (or knowledge)

  • confusion on how to truly utilize social media

  • no mindset foundation (which is key!)

As a result, many women are left burnt out, frustrated and ready to give up -- sometimes having lost a good chunk of money in the process! 

There has to be a better way. 

SURPRISE: there is!

And we want to share it with you. 



*drumroll, everyone*

Skyrocket Sales: MLM Edition


 with Jacqueline Yvette & Maria Wendt


It's time to build your standout brand that naturally attracts your audience, master your organic marketing, & make sales easy as pie.

Being in the branding and marketing space for a combination of over a decade, we get a lot of questions about how to market authentically and sell with ease. 

We have helped various types of entrepreneurs to establish and refine their brand to stand out online.

but there’s one corner of the market we haven’t focused on serving fully… until now.

And that's you, girl!

You asked, we listened, so here it is.

This was designed specifically for YOU. #soexcited

We will teach you everything you need to grow your direct sales company, still enjoy your life (aka not be tied to your computer 24/7), and have leads busting down your door.


Here's what our previous students have said about other programs we've taught:

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Fired up and ready to do this??

Investment: $397

(or 3 monthly payments of $157)

Okay, so what exactly will you learn?

part One: The Foundation

Success Mindset Mastery (without this, burnout is imminent, sales plummet, + it's no fun) 
✓ How to show up confidently in your business
✓ The secrets of entrepreneurial mindset - (what it really takes to be a successful entrepreneur)
✓ The 5 daily habits you need to start incorporating to see steady, sustainable growth (and be able to handle it)
✓ The art of not giving a sh*t (and why you need this)

Build Your Standout Personal Brand (so you can sell whatever you want)
✓ The real reason why you've probably been growing more slowly than you'd like
✓  How to find & attract the right audience (and serve them SO well!)
✓ Know exactly how to communicate with your specific niche & bring in your ideal customers & high-performing team-builders
✓ How to integrate your side-hustle into your current brand in an authentic way (if you have an existing brand)

part Two: Content Strategy

✓ How to master your magnetic messaging so people reach out to you!

✓ Learn how to write and tell stories that do the selling for you

✓ Create content that directly speaks to your audience and creates mega curiosity

✓ How to talk about your product and promote what you do without ever posting a product graphic again! (hallelujah)

✓ How to plan your high-converting content so you never run out of things to say

part Three: Skyrocket Your Sales

✓ How to have authentic + value-driven communications that convert to customers

✓ Real, feel-good sales strategies so you always know what to say (yes, literally what to say in the DMs)

✓ How to talk about your product & how to “pitch” without unknowingly being that sleazeball everyone talks about when they describe the MLM "stigma"

✓ Get our proven + effective sales call strategies that actually feel good to you + your people

part Four: Social Media Marketing

✓ How to maximize your content: going LIVE like a pro, IGTV strategies, becoming an IG stories machine

✓ Targeting the right audience (so it's not just your mama and your dog and people on your team commenting on your stuff)

✓ Tried, tested, and true marketing strategies that you can use over and over again, no matter what you sell, and no matter what the algorithm does. #salesupthewazoo

Ready to join us??

Investment: $397

(or 3 monthly payments of $157)